The main holder of tourist and food service offer in krupanj. It disposes of 160 beds and 2 apartments.
There is a hall for a solemn guests reception, a hall for business receptions and a banquet hall. The restaurant has 250 places.

Phone: +381 (0)15/581-122,581-107,,

Guest house "ETNO RAĐEVAC"

Restaurant of home cuisine..
accommodation for 20 persons.

Phone: +381 (0)15/581-074
Phone: +381 (0)65/5682-173

Café "SPORT"

Matić Vojkan
Phone: +381 (0)65/377-83-09

Guest - house "PEGAZ"

This object is in the very center of the town. It has 15 rooms and 50 beds.

Phone: +381 (0)15/581-997

Lodgings for the night "МАLA REKA"

They are in the village Brštica. This lodging is a pioneer of rural tourism in Rađevina. Within the lodging there is a fishpond of Californian trout.

Phone: +381 (0)60/681-5920

Café "PARK"

Pavlović Dragan
Phone: +381 (0)64/411-03-68

Restaurant "STARA BREZA"

Restaurant with traditional Serbian cuisine and barbecue meals.

Phone: +381 (0)63/886-69-82
Phone: +381 (0)63/815-72-52
Мilan Маtić


Darko Kikanović
Phone: +381 (0)65/687-70-37

Restaurant "MADERA"

Dragan Panić
Phone: +381 (0)66/208-456

Café "KRLE"

Predrag Krstić
Phone: +381 (0)63/526-552

Моtel "Mačkov Kamen"

The company “Jagodnja” near memorial charnel has begun reconstruction and extension of accommodation capacities ( from existing 30 to 100 projected beds) for needs of recreational teaching, hunting and winter tourism.
Gligorić Мirko
Phone: +381 (0)64/32-38-017

Museum-restaurant Staro zdanje

Street of Mića Tadić bb / 15314 Krupanj
Phone: +381 (0)64/531221